Social Media Marketing

Social media is even today considered to be the best channel of connecting with the customers. It actually allows you to show more of the personal side, quickly addressing the concerns of the customers and proving that you are an expert in social media marketing in Kolkata, India.

social media marketing

However social media is also believed to be a major key of driving more customers to your business. And dresses prospects turn out to become your customers, social media to this then allows to nurture the relationship leading towards a great a conversation and then conversions. Through our blog today we would here be discussing the various strategies that will help you bringing more customers through social media.

Running a social media contest: Competitions are not just one of the best ways of increasing more followers on social media, but are also one of the best ways of generating leads for your business. In fact in one of the data collected by contest app one out of 3 contestants continue to receive information about the other brands. This means that your social media contest will not just increase the reach, or boost traffic to your website but will also help you get qualified leads which is one of the most important process in digital marketing in Kolkata.

Listening and engaging in the various activities happening on social media: Most of your industry related conversations would not be happening on your Facebook page or the groups but somewhere else. This is why it is important that you use hashtags and keywords in order to monitor what’s been told on social media. You can try and use the tool social mention in order to track down the variety of places of keywords that are being used for your industry. Say for example your name and your business name, competitor’s business name, and the last but not the least keywords related to the most common problems in your industry.

Encouraging social recommendations: According to a study conducted by Nielsens Harris in the year 2016 show that 80% of the individuals generally look at the social media for the reviews before buying any product. Unfortunately getting recommendations for your own product has turned out to become very difficult, as it does not hold the same clout when hearing it from an impartial source. The good news here is that there are various steps that you could take in order to satisfy your customers, and then encourage them to offer personal recommendation and refferals.

Directing all the followers towards your blog: There is a reason why content marketing in Kolkata is popular even today. According to a study conducted by demand metric, content marketing does charge you less when compared to SEO services in Kolkata, generating more number of leads for your business. So try and direct all your social media followers towards your blog, and provide them with all the required information that we need in terms of content marketing. And once they have a visit to your website you can then tempt them with your amazing lead magnet in order to build your email list.

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