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The pandemic has infused fear of uncertainty, unemployment and crisis in the Indian economy at large. However, there is a ray of hope for the digital marketing companies as this social distancing has brought the population closer virtually. Welcome to the era where online services has become the fourth basic necessity, after food, shelter and cloth. SEO Companies in Kolkata are acting as a bridge to connect the various online service providers with their potential customers.

The 3 broad sectors which can be highly benefited by the use of Digital Marketing/SEO Company are listed below:

1. E-commerce services: With the pandemic bringing the world economy to a grinding halt, the local shops and markets have witnessed a huge decrease in footfall per day and also reduced work hour. As social distancing and home quarantine became the new normal, people from diverse economic background have shifted to online mode of shopping, ranging from groceries to skin care products to all essential items. The e-commerce market in India is set to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19.6% between 2019 and 2023. This is the ideal time for the ecommerce agents /apps to attract potential customers by aligning with the digital marketing companies to identify the needs of the customers and strengthening their SEO accordingly.

2. Travel and Tourism: The worst hit sector in this crisis situation is travel and tourism. However, the bright side of the story is that as people are confined in their homes, they have time to go through the packages of the various travel plans in anticipation of future trips. This time can be perfectly utilized by the travel agencies with the aid of SEO companies to strengthen their business by attracting potential travelers towards their various travel packages and highlight the places of attraction at particular tourist destinations. As the situation gets normal this background research will enable the customers to take a quick call on their travel plan.

3. Health and Fitness: The lockdown has stirred up the spirit of exercise and yoga among people of all ages as everyone is at home with reduced outdoor activity and absence of gym workout. The fitness apps have witnessed an increase of 15% of engagement and the number of users have doubled compared to pre-lockdown period. As more people are turning to online workout classes/ videos , the concerned apps or channels can wisely use the opportunity to increase the traffic in their page/website/channel by joining hands with digital marketing companies for required SEO services.


To avail all such benefits and more welcome to WEB SOLUTIONS MASTERZa renowned digital marketing company in Kolkata, which tirelessly caters to the diverse needs of a new dynamic and virtually-united world.

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